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Coronary Tortuosity; Component or Entire of SYNTAX Score Puzzle

Levent Cerit*1 and Zeynep Cerit2
1*Department of Cardiology, Near East University Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus
2Department of Pediatrics, Near East University Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus

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Levent Cerit, Near East University Hospital, Department of Cardiology, Nicosia, Cyprus

First Published Online 10 February 2017


Background: Coronary tortuosity (CorT) is a common angiographic finding and the relationship between CorT and coronary atherosclerosis is still unclear. SYNTAX score I is the angiographic scoring system and is widely used to evaluate the severity and complexity of coronary artery disease (CAD). This study was conducted with the aim to evaluate the relationship between CorT score and SYNTAX score I. Methods: The medical records of consecutive patients, who underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery, were retrospectively reviewed. The study group consisted of 212 patients. Patients were divided into two groups depending on high (>32) and low-intermediate (<32) SYNTAX score I. CorT score, biochemical parameters, clinical and echocardiographic parameters, and SYNTAX score I was evaluated in all patients. Results: There was a significant difference between both groups regarding current smoking, diabetes, urea, creatinine, CorT and CorT score (22.9% vs 56.9% p<0.001, 22.9% vs 39.6% p<0.001, 36.4±16.3 vs 42.9±19.2 p=0.014, 0.9±0.2 vs 1.0±0.3 p=0.010, 20.8% vs 77.6% p<0.001, 0.4±1.1 vs 4.8±3.7 p<0.001; respectively) (Table1). On multivariate analysis, DM, CorT score, current smoking was independent predictors for higher SYNTAX score I (OR 13.624; 95% CI: 6.924-22.937; p < 0.001, OR 11.637; 95% CI: 7.836-26.384; p<0.001, OR 5.372 % CI: 2.841-18.396; p<0.001; respectively)(Table3). Conclusions: There was a statistically significant positive correlation between CorT and SYNTAX score I (r=0.80; p<0.001). Definition of severe CorT is too weak to evaluate the severity of CAD. Larger studies are required to determine whether serious Cort is a piece of the SYNTAX score puzzle or the whole reflection.

Keywords:Atherosclerosis, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, SYNTAX score

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